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Even though we are a small company, our dedication to quality and safety insures that your home is secure.

The most important thing is for you to have a peace of mind. We are here to ensure our work meets your professional standards.


We have a simple philosophy do it right + on time = customer is always satisfied. 

We believe and understand all customers are important to us. We give everyone the best customer service attention. If it's an adjustment, or a big remodel, our final product will be the best.

Our team of experienced, qualified, skilled installers has been working many years, providing our clients the best possible solution, no matter what door, whether old, new, large or small.

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Custom Made Jobs

Our staff offer versatility and a wide range of solutions for that special project.

Framing/Door Frame Preparation

We can cut doors to fit existing jambs or finish doors in the shop and install them onsite.

Image + Security = Satisfied customer

We can find the perfect solution for this equation.

Custom Fit

We proudly offer our clients a final product in compliance with the latest Codes and Norms.

Our Team

Our staff  can provide a detailed and focused service, from a simple door adjustment to  a complete framing/preparation work. We can repair virtually any door related problem.

RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIal door repair company 

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